Technology: overview

Overview Transducers Electronics Packaging Software Applications

Technical Innovation

SILENSE develops and improves smart acoustic technology blocks on different levels – hardware, software and system – to achieve these many applications.

  • SILENSE lowers the cost and energy consumption and improves the performance (directivity, fractional bandwidth, dynamic range, frequency range, sensitivity and efficiency…) of micro-acoustic transducers.
  • SILENSE develops package and assembly technology. More specifically heterogeneously and monolithically integrated arrays of micro-acoustic transducers with their supporting electronics. The project also provides dedicated low-power IC design.
  • SILENSE develops smart algorithms for acoustic data communication and sensing.
  • SILENSE combines voice/speech, digital sound modulation and gesture control by means of the same transducer(s).

Shaping future with (ultra)sound technology

Project researches acoustic technologies and develops concepts to activate and control devices by gestures, (ultra)sound data communication, and indoor positioning, exclusively based on these innovative technologies. These concepts can be used in different domains – automotive, smart home/buildings, wearables and underwater.