Deliverable Report D 7.6: Final dissemination report

  • Posted on: 19 June 2020
  • By: Admin

This document contains the description of all dissemination and communication activities performed within SILENSE project during its whole duration.

The main chapters of this document relates to:

  • Chapter 2 is referred to overall dissemination and communication objectives, defined dissemination indicators and their fulfilments.
  • Chapter 3 is specifically focused on dissemination activities which were performed during the project, including scientific dissemination in journals and conference proceedings, organization of project related events and participation at other scientific, popularization or industrial events where project content, focus and results were presented and communicated to the respected audience.
  • Chapter 4 is focused on dissemination material prepared during the project to create project identity, enhance its visibility at networking events and also to present project scope and focus to the wider audience.
  • Chapter 5 is devoted to the description of communication channels which were developed within the project. It contains internal and external communication, including summary of established communication channels, especially the project website and summary of its access statistics, specific communication activities done by many project team members and finally overview of networking performed to link complementary projects.
  • Chapter 6 indicates follow-up activities which is planned to be performed in the next months and relates to dissemination of the latest results especially for scientific community and also some of the activities which have been disturbed by restrictions made by governments of the European states in connection with the spread of a new coronavirus in Europe and will be potentially restarted later.

This deliverable complements the mid-term dissemination report D7.4 prepared in month 18 and reflects the initial dissemination and communication plans defined in deliverable D7.1.

This deliverable will be available after Approval by the Commision.